Risk managers have to find innovative ways for managing their risks in an environment that is continuously and rapidly changing, worldwide.

What do we mean by "risks"?

Our field of expertise gathers the main insurable operational corporate risks, such as fire, natural disaster, malevolence, environmental liability, product liability, machinery breakdown, etc.
Our clients are mainly corporate risk-managers, brokers, insurers or reinsurers.

Disruptive innovation:

Our innovative web-based solutions make the risk evaluation process clear and global, all along the risk chain: from on-site personnel (in industrial premises as well as offices) straight to reinsurers.
Thanks to the web's structure, each user can access the framework of rules used to establish the evaluation criteria: everyone speaks the same language.
People faced with various risks onsite immediately and clearly understand which criteria are considered penalizing, and how to obtain a more satisfying score.
Users can click their way through the resources available on a dedicated website and they will have a better understanding of the various risks and have the opportunity to reduce these risks.
We will provide an easy access to the experience of loss lessons from insurers and reinsurers as well as public organizations involved in loss.

Corporate benchmarking strongly enhances motivation toward a general improvement.
Risk improvement being the key objective, it also induces extra benefits: time and energy outlays, financial costs and environmental impacts are insignificant compared to those involved in conducting an onsite inspection.

Resources can be allocated to audit sites requiring a more specific follow-up, with up-to-date information about the various sites within the corporation.
CAREIS provides web solutions that will enable users to turn a compliance exercise into a genuine improvement tool.

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