Supply Chain

Supply Chain Risk Management

With the optimization of the supply chain comes the unavoidable increase of potential losses in case of interruption.

Multiple vulnerabilities in the "supply chain" have been revealed by recent natural or industrial disasters, thus unveiling suppliers' deficiencies that proved to be very expensive for manufacturers and insurers..
For some industry groups, the magnitude of the problem was even a real surprise, and setback for risk management policies.

Insurance cover for Contingent Business Interruption is often too limited to cover the losses caused by the rupture of the supply chain.

 Our skills and tools for improving your supply chain risk management:

  • Customized support,
  • Neutral, independent approach,
  • Online tools to visualize, develop awareness and make "What-if" analysis,
  • Online questionnaires to evaluate and benchmark suppliers,
  • A broad experience with hundreds of Business Interruption audits in various industrial or commercial business segments.

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