Loss Lessons

To help site managers understand and handle their risks more efficiently, we liven up our evaluation tools with links toward interesting and instructive online resources.
As we spend a fair amount of time online in search of valuable information, we can identify specific documents to make each client's improvement process easier.

For example, we believe the documents suggested on the right to be useful and instructive.

We stay on top of the latest loss lessons, including those published on these useful links:

http://www.aria.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/index_en.htmlFrench website (English version) Department of the Environment
American website. Chemical Safety Board
http://en.inrs.frFrench website (English version). Cornerstone of Health & Safety at work

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Catastrophe at Düsseldorf Airport
(c) CAREIS 2011. See our video-clip here or onYouTube:

Ou download here our video-clip  (Right click - mp4 - 10 Mo) Düsseldorf Airport Fire.

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