Temperature of sprinkler heads

Flow from sprinkler heads

1 psi = 0.0689476 bar
kUS / K metric

This page tells you at which temperature a sprinkler head will open, according to the color code of the fusible bulb.

You will also get the flow of water that you will get, function of the diameter / k factor and the pressure available at the head.

As a reminder, the first head to open will benefit from a pressure close to the available pressure in the system, (like churn pump pressure) minus the elevation (that is the height of water column between the head and the point where the pressure is read).

As more heads will open above the fire, friction losses of water in pipes will diminish the pressure available at the head. Hydraulic calculations will predict the available total flow on a given fire area, function of the water supply strength and the sprinkler system piping diameters.