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Each and every year, hundreds of millions go up in smoke due to careless Hot Work.   Do not be part of it!  -  Test your Welder! 


When it comes to fire risk management efficiency, making sure that personnel have satisfying fire risk knowledge and safety awareness is fundamental.
Especially for who is likely to cause serious accidents during hazardous activities such as the ones requiring cutting & welding permit for instance.
Knowing to what extent these workers are risk-aware and how sensitive they are to loss prevention is crucial. This is what our evaluation test will tell.
In addition, it will bring extra safety awareness.


In order to help site managers, safety managers, insurers, maintenance managers, construction managers and others, CAREIS develops its dynamic and interactive online evaluation test in the most innovative way. It will rest on experience derived from losses analysis and on loss prevention recommendations.

The concentration level needed to perform this interactive test is by far superior to what would be used in a learning situation where the person is only listening or reading.  The notions reminded or learned this way will stay in mind with a much longer persistence.

Serious-hotwork - at a Glance:

  • What is it?: an online interactive evaluation.
  • To evaluate what?:
    - knowledge and awareness regarding fire hazard.
  • To evaluate who?:
    - persons who will carry or supervise hot work.
  • For the benefit of whom?:
    - persons in charge of : sites, safety, insurance, maintenance, ... 

>> Serious-Hotwork: Four values in a quarter!

Serious-hotwork - in details:

The evaluation takes 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the testee's skills.
It gathers various types of questions:
 dontknowpicto welder 
Classic MCQs for basic questions  Graphical MCQs to emphasize the memory's stimulationSituational questions, with graphical representations of the work area, to evaluate the thought process and risk identification skills.

The evaluation's grading system is original and indicates at the same time a relative level according to the person's competence and cautiousness.
It results from a complex calculation based on the "right" answers, the "approximate" answers (more or less correct), the "wrong" answers and the benchmark carried out on the global population who has already been tested.
Feedback from the sum of taken evaluations will be used to update the questions and the evaluation's grading system, as the test progressively spreads among new users.
The evaluation is available in several languages (FR, US, ZH, IT, BR/PT, RU), other languages are being prepared, others can be added as needed.

Required resources to take the test:
The evaluation is written in Flash and requires Adobe Flash Player 10 or any later version. If your browser reads Flash animations on this site, you should be able to take the evaluation. It has been designed in a plain style to cope with computers with small memory size.
A stable Internet connection is required. System tolerates short interruptions, but if the connection is interrupted for several seconds, the question displayed may be automatically skipped, since each question has to be answered in a limited amount of time.
If the person taking the test can read and use a mouse, he or she can take the test on his/her own. If the person doesn't master reading, he or she will need assistance to read the questions.

Serious-hotwork is a registered trademark of CAREIS.

 A new , "Safety Level Switch"
to measure the fire risk level
associated with workers!

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