Serious Game Office Fire


This serious game is intended to learn or refresh actions to be taken during an office fire.

You will face an incipient fire in your office.
You will have to:
1. find the proper way to control the fire
2. go to the reception hall
3. in less than 2 minutes.
If you do not succeed in two minutes, the office will burn and the game is over. But you have many lives...
Before starting, you will have to discover your office environment and the interactive objects by slowly moving the mouse over them. The interactive objects will be enlarged when the mouse comes over them.
You will move in the office rooms by clicking on the large red arrows on the sides of the screens.
After you have been around, you will start the game by clicking on "GO" button. This will start the timer.
Warning: this is a realistic simulation game, but your own work environment might have different emergency instructions that you might have to comply with.

If you want to reach a good score, do not be afraid to make some mistakes at the beginning; learn from experience...

I have been around the office, but the start screen does not come? This is because you have not visited ALL the screens. Click on each red arrow.
I want to click on a menu, but it disappears! Come back on the object and move slower from the object to the menu.




This game is designed in Flash, it will not play on Smartphone.
To play again, refresh the page.