Core values

Quality  Quality -  Our Keywords, day to day:

- Lean management
- Agile / iterative development
- RAD (Rapid Application Development)
- Working Software
- 5 S in Office
- PDCA-I Philosophy
We make it hard to us and simple to you.
Our tools are easy to use and intuitive.

H&S Health & Safety:

- At CAREIS we work without stress !
- Precautions when working on screens
- Following safety instructions at customer's

Environment Environment:

- Preventing a fire from occurring
  is avoiding tons of CO2 to be released
- On-line evaluations = avoided travel
- Our daily impacts are low,
  still we minimize them:
- Recycling paper and packaging,
- Turning off power at nights.
- Part-time work from home.

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 5S in Office
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